Cubed Project Consulting Pty Ltd, an established builder with an extensive portfolio of commercial and domestic developments in and around Melbourne, is now entering a new phase, focusing on delivering quality construction in medium density developments.

Cubed Projects has, in line with this new focus, appointed former Glenvill Homes Construction Manager Ross Floyd, who brings with him a wealth of experience and an impressive track record in this field.

Founder and Managing Director David Loakes believes that he can offer a unique product and a unique skillset in the current expanding market, adding that Ross’s experience and knowledge perfectly complement the Cubed Projects team, allowing them to provide an unparalleled product in the market – honestly priced, quality construction, delivered with minimum fuss but maximum care.

Ross responds by saying that Cubed Projects is an exciting and dynamic company to be involved in, as they have a great history. He looks forward to playing a role in their future in medium density housing in Melbourne.

David acknowledges that the reputation of the building industry in the past year has been hit hard with negative press and numerous companies going into liquidation, but that it is the purses of the individual owners that have been hit the hardest.

Cubed Projects has just completed an 8-unit townhouse development, which had been left 30% built by a construction company that had gone under. The owners were angry, frustrated and scared by the prospect of losing everything, and were genuinely relieved to find that Cubed Projects quoted honestly, answered phone calls and just listened. The development is now finished, looks fantastic and the owners couldn’t be happier.

Cubed Projects are currently completing another development left in ruins by a now defunct construction company. This development, comprising of 23 double storey townhouses with garages and landscaping, is now back on track and running to time and budget, due for completion in late 2014.

Cubed Projects consists of a dedicated team of professionals offering a complete suite of construction services, from design management and development to project management and construction.