Portable cooling systems from Climate Australia are helping industrial and commercial sites across Australia cool large areas of space and maintain optimal temperature in the harsh heat of the summer.

The rising temperature in summer can spell disaster in the industrial or construction sector as sites are forced to shut down once the mercury hits 40 degrees Celsius. These shutdowns not only disrupt schedules but also cause revenue loss.

Climate Australia’s industrial cooling systems work by sucking in fresh air through specially designed and manufactured wet filters, which is then expelled through the fan as cold air to cool down large areas of space. The largest model, the WM36, boasts a maximum airflow of 26,000 cubic metres per hour and a heavy-duty 880W power output, making them ideal for sporting venues or outdoor events.

Climate Australia’s portable cooling systems are designed to allow a constant flow of cooling, fresh and healthy air unlike conventional air-conditioning systems that recycle the same stale air. The portable cooling systems are available in three sizes of 55L, 70L and 130L to cool areas ranging from 50-100m² up to 200-300m² with the WM36.

In addition to fresh cool air, Climate Australia’s portable cooling systems also offer several benefits over conventional cooling methods including lower running costs at only 19c an hour, eight times lower than traditional methods, resulting in greatly reduced electricity bills; suitable for buildings and sites not designed to accommodate traditional air conditioning; ease of installation with the unit requiring a water supply and a standard electrical point to operate; and portability allowing the unit to be positioned anywhere and easily transported, being mounted on wheels.

Climate Australia’s industrial cooling systems are effective even when doors and windows are open, ensuring hot air, smoke and unpleasant odours can be expelled with ease. At outdoor events or construction sites, misters can be adapted to enhance the cooling system with a fine mist spray.