Cambridge Architectural announces its plans to introduce anodised aluminium flexible mesh in various core patterns and colours to its interior products portfolio later this year.

In continuation of a 103-year tradition of innovation and new product development, Cambridge Architectural also plans to further expand its aluminium product line in 2015 to include options in dozens of patterns suitable for interior use with a focus on offering multiple colour choices and the widest selection available in the industry.

The world’s leading full-service provider of sustainable architectural mesh systems will preview its new coloured aluminium mesh offering at the upcoming AIA Expo 2014, June 26-28 in Chicago (Exhibit #2236).

Lighter in weight and requiring less structural support, Cambridge anodised aluminium mesh can be used as a decorative accent for a variety of interior applications, including architectural drapery, room dividers, elevator cab cladding and ceilings.

Gary Compton, Cambridge Architectural Brand Manager explains that their latest offering of coloured aluminium provides endless possibilities to meet specific customer needs and create new uses for mesh in interior design.

Cambridge also plans to showcase its Build-A-Pattern and Hourglass solutions at the AIA Expo.

Cambridge Build-A-Pattern allows architects to mix and match multiple Cambridge mesh patterns, creating new designs that change and break up the visual appearance of the mesh including altering sections and gradation.

Hourglass is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind flatwire mesh pattern designed for building facades.