A new cloud-based job management system from Australian company simPRO has been received very well by trade contractors managing companies remotely or even from different countries.

The simPRO Software Enterprise product automates the management of complicated scheduling, ordering and invoicing operations for trade contractors including electricians and plumbers, freeing business owners to work from any location.

Paul Christie, owner of electrical contractor Casalite Electrics used the system to its full potential by finally realising his dream of travelling the United States with his family while continuing to run a 30-year-old business with many staff on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to the flexibility of simPRO, Paul and his family were able to have an extended 9-month holiday in the USA and Canada last year with the family travelling over 30,000 kilometres in an RV.

Paul was able to stay on top of his business while he was away without a problem, only needing the internet to get his work done. Having put the processes in place, he had the luxury of stepping back while the software did its thing and his business manager took care of everything else. He adds that all his workers use an iPad on the job and are able to access everything they need. The software ensures no leads are lost, job progression is monitored and each job is invoiced on time.

Paul Christie is just one of many simPRO clients who are pioneering new ways of managing their business. The company’s business management software is used by more than 500 companies in Queensland and 1000 elsewhere including the UK and USA. 

simPRO Software, with operations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, is the global leader in job management software for the services and contracting sector.