Amicus Interiors designed and delivered a trendy creative space for hi-tech IT based company, Rack Space.

Located on Level 1, 37 Pitt Street in Sydney’s CBD, the 930-square-metre space exudes a young, funky vibe with its unique and colourful interior.

Amicus Interiors CEO Andrew Holder explains that culture plays an important role in designing a creative workspace. By spending time with the Rack Space team and understanding their motivations and needs, Amicus was able to develop a multifunctional workspace that inspires creativity and collaboration.

Amicus worked with Rack Space on the concept of work-play balance to adapt it into a functional and engaging team atmosphere. Taking pride of place in the office is the ultimate honour for the ‘Rackers’, the straight jacket, which is housed in a specially designed ‘padded cell’ to encourage staff to extend their customer service to an uncontained level.

The uniquely designed break room for employees features an Xbox, pool table, TV/movie screen and surround sound.

Design highlights of the $1.2 million project also include national flags hung above desks clearly identifying with the culture of the team; translucent acrylics in corporate colours giving splashes of colour to workstations; and a collaborative bench and high back lounges in the centre of the office to promote activity based working.

The dining area carries a cheerful beach theme complete with lime washed tables and stools, outdoor furniture and beached themed films on the glass.

During the construction process Amicus encountered inherited base build issues that were unknown to the landlord. Amicus was able to facilitate negotiations between the landlord and Rack Space to achieve a result that did not cost the client anything.