The American Hardwood Export Council reports that the export of American hardwood lumber to Australia and New Zealand has reached record levels this year.

For Australia, the January to September 2014 period saw a 54% increase in volume to 10,323 cubic metres and a 46% value increase compared to the corresponding period in 2013. New Zealand also saw growth of 26% volume and 31% value in the same period.

Roderick Wiles, Director for the American Hardwood Export Council for Oceania said that the Council has been receiving several enquiries from Australian and New Zealand designers and architects who are considering using American hardwoods in their work. While white oak and ash are popular choices, many are exploring lesser known US species, including tulipwood and red oak.

He added that American hardwoods have compelling and proven environmental credentials that are currently being prioritised by all designers and specifiers in their projects.