A toolbox helps keep tools organised and protected, and can be easily carried to the jobsite. Aluminium toolboxes are particularly preferred for their lightweight as well as sturdy construction. Available in different sizes and models to suit specific requirements, aluminium toolboxes can also be locked to keep the stored tools safe.

Aluminium toolboxes are available in different models with side boxes in varying designs to help the user sort their tools appropriately. The prices of these toolboxes depend on the dimensions and features such as fully wedged seams, piano hinges, waterproof and rubber seals to protect the contents, gas struts, flush locks and aluminium plate among others.

Toolbox models also include underbody aluminium toolboxes, top boxes, gullwing boxes with two door openings, dual cab boxes, site boxes and many more. The 16-drawer toolbox trolley is recommended for users who need an array of tools by their side during a job. This toolbox features two compartments for storage with the top one functioning as a standalone tool chest while the rest of the tools can be pushed into the trolley cabinet. This heavy duty design is suitable for jobs such as car engine overhaul, carpentry, painting or any other rough work requiring a whole lot of tools at a handy distance.

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