The Gematria exhibition will open on Tuesday 17 June in the Adelaide Central Gallery at the Glenside Cultural Precinct.

Gematria is a mystical technique of manipulating letters to uncover hidden meanings in texts. The Gematria exhibition is inspired by the 26 letters of the alphabet wherein 26 artists have been assigned a letter of the alphabet and will create a work influenced by that letter. The letter itself may be reflected in or inspire the work or merely be alluded to in the title.

Each artist has written a 25-50 word statement or poem to be displayed alongside the work.

Participating artists include Michael Bishop, Nona Burden, Liz Butler, Patty Chehade, Ruby Chew, Trena Everuss, Louise Feneley, Zoe Freney, Geoff Gibbons, Sasha Grbich, Rob Gutteridge, Ingrid Kellenbach, Sue Kneebone, Jess Mara, Claire Marsh, Deborah Morley, Renate Nisi, Sally Parnis, Rebekah Rivett, Fiona Roberts, Julia Robinson, Chris Thiel, Yve Thompson, Luke Thurgate, Sera Waters and Lyn Wood.

The Gematria exhibition runs from 17 June to 11 July 2014.