The second half of 2018 is upon us and now the tone of the year, or the vibe if you like has perceptively changed.

This is especially true for this publication, as soon, we will be opening FRONT, a boutique commercial design event for architects, designers, property facilitators and end users.

FRONT, will be on all accounts, a unique event for the design industry, and one that is not to be missed.

Launching on August 9 at Carriageworks in Sydney, FRONT flips the design exhibition experience on its head, turning the focus towards lasting engagement.

In fact experts from various stakeholder positions will be collaborating on the FRONT FORUM: a 2-day investigation into the ideas, challenges and opportunities shaping the future of our combined industries.

According to Indesign’s founder Raj Nandan, FRONT is targeted to the commercial and hospitality design sectors and is set to launch at Sydney’s Carriageworks this August.

“For the first time in Australia, FRONT will bring together all the links in the design supply chain – architects, designers, real estate professionals and end users alike – for a far-reaching and formula-breaking event format,” says Nandan.

After FRONT of course, will be the countdown to the 2018 Sustainability Awards, which this year will not only build on late year’s success with an enhanced panel / day event, but also promises to be a hugely successful night, with the venue this year being The Star in Sydney.

To add to the august occasion, the MC for the night will be the one and only Tone Wheeler - a man who is not only larger-than-life when it comes to architecture and design, but also someone who captures the spirit of what the awards will mean to this industry moving forward.

And there is still time to register

for both awards. For FRONT its: while for the 2018 Sustainability Awards, the best way to register is to go to:

In this issue, we will be featuring urban design and transport as the overarching theme with separate features that include sun control, landscape design, smart cities, communication technology and intelligent buildings.

All in all, the crescendo is slowly building up to 2018 being a huge year for the industry, and one set to bring many new idea and changes to what already is one of Australia’s most vibrant sectors.