Large windows and glass partitioning are common place in offices and retail outlets creating a wonderful light-filled ambience. However, they also create a lack of privacy and can limit signage possibilities.

One way to overcome this problem is to install Solar Gard Frosted window film. A cost effective solution that is flexible offering many design possibilities.

For example, cafes and hairdressing salons can jazz up their windows, adding visually exciting graphics to attract attention which is a much more affordable solution than glass etching and the design can be easily and inexpensively updated if necessary.

There are standard designs to choose from which can be combined very well with designs unique to the winery, such as a logo. If privacy is an issue Frosted Film can be installed on both sides. For example, the Rice Paper window film option can be installed on one side to give the effect of a white curtain covering the glass while the other side can be tinted with the Bold Blocks option. The combination of the clear and the white opaque tint results in a checkered effect that provides the privacy required. Frosted Film is a vinyl film that can be computer cut to any design and is available in three finishes — acid etched, sand blasted or sand fused. The film is manufactured by Bekaert Specialty Films and lasts years without loss of performance. Whatever the requirement, Frosted Film is a wonderful innovative alternative.

Source: Building Products News.