Bed numbers could increase by up to a third at Macquarie University’s teaching hospital, after a split from project partner Dalcross Holdings.

The hospital will open next year, becoming the first hospital in Australia to be built on the grounds of a university.

However, bed numbers could be increased by up to a third as part of a review of the site’s operations due to be completed next month, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The hospital is currently slated for 180 beds, with construction costs estimated at $180 million and a further $70 million in fit out costs.

The project will integrate clinical care, teaching and research and offer world-class medical facilities, specialised patient care and outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for staff and students undertaking specialty training at the co-located Australian School of Advanced Medicine.

Vice-chancellor Professor Steven Schwartz said the finances for the project were secure.

The university is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new hospital, which will be staffed by around 200 leading surgeons and medical specialists from Australia and around the world when fully operational, Schwartz said.

Dalcross CEO Carl Adams said he wished the university future success with the hospital project, adding that both organisations were parting on good terms with both organisations having been involved with the project for more than four years.

Construction and fit out is being undertaken by Baulderstone.