futurebuild has now launched its Hychord LVL Truss Chords with termite treatment, added during manufacture.

The termiticide is applied to the glueline so it really gets to the core of the engineered timber. Apart from preventing termite damage this means that when truss fabricators dock the ends there is no need for them to reseal.

Apart from being extremely effective against termites south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the termiticide is also very safe. Called DeterMite it uses bifentrin which is approved for other applications such as an on ground termite barrier.

DeterMite was the first treatment product for timber to be developed with the active ingredient bifenthrin. Essentially Hychord termite treatment treated to H2-S is the same as Hychord, only with termite resistance. It is available off the shelf, colour coded purple and clearly marked H2-S.

Source: Building Products News.