The board of the Australian Architecture Association (AAA) has announced the appointment of His Excellency, Mr Michael Bryce as its Patron.

Bryce is an architect and designer acknowledged in Australia and overseas for his distinguished work in graphic, urban and environmental design.

His committment to advancing the profession is well documented. He has taught and mentored young graduates and is committed to the expression of a distinctive Australian identity within an international framework.

Bryce has been awarded life fellowships of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the Design Institute of Australia and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

In 2006, he was inducted into the Australian Design Hall of Fame. In September 2008 he retired from his practice upon the appointment of Ms Bryce as Governor-General of Australia. The practice he founded continues today as Minale Bryce Design Strategy.

The Australian Architecture Association (AAA) was formed to broaden the promotion of architecture in Australia and to enable the public to understand, enjoy and discuss architecture, locally and beyond.

Through its program of tours, talks and events, the AAA aims to promote architecture to the wider community — architecture that is manifestly of its place and time, which is simultaneously modern and timeless.

The AAA is run by a group of dedicated volunteers from the board to the tour leaders; people who are passionate about architecture.

Membership is open to all who enjoy good design and understand the potential it has to improve the quality of our cities.