Indesign Media has launched Recruit Indesign, the built industry’s new and dedicated recruitment consultancy.

Established to work closely with all creative businesses and individuals across diverse design disciplines such as architecture, interior design, place-making, UX/CX, and many more, Recruit Indesign is well-positioned to harness the creative potential in order to establishes positive and fruitful relationships between candidates and clients.

“Fostering a robust, innovative culture that empowers people to do their best work, together, has never been more critical to creativity and success,” says Raj Nandan, CEO & founder of Indesign Media Asia Pacific.

Indesign Media Asia Pacific has been a prominent voice amongst the region’s architecture and design communities for over two decades and the launch of Recruit Indesign marks the most recent extension of the company’s suite of services dedicated to supporting the growth and prosperity of Asia Pacific’s design-led industries.

Working across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia, Recruit Indesign will marry Indesign Media’s a highly engaged community of architects, designers and design businesses, ensuring unparalleled access to candidates and opportunities across the diverse Asia Pacific region.

“Our recruitment practise is underpinned by our knowledge and understanding of the broader purpose, values, and vision that truly matter to our clients and candidates; when these are aligned, a studio is empowered to become greater than the sum of its parts, says Sue Davies, chief talent officer, Recruit Indesign.

With a focus on finding the right cultural fit for both candidates and clients alike, Recruit Indesign will “strive to build a prosperous future for the region’s diverse design community by supporting the creative potential and career trajectories of those within it,” she says, adding that, “Recruit Indesign is a recruitment consultancy deeply rooted in the architecture and design fields.”

Davies, who will regularly travel to Singapore for meetings and consultations, says, “We are expecting high levels of interest in moving talent around the region.”

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