The INDE.Awards’ potential for regional dialogue and global impact in 2020 will be enhanced with the new INDE.Awards Summit – a one-day conference in Sydney that will bring together a spectrum of regional and local speakers to explore how the Indo-Pacific region’s architects and designers are responding to and innovating in the face of critical global and local challenges.

The INDE.Awards Summit is envisioned as a forum for the exploration of a spectrum of the Indo-Pacific’s diversity of opportunities, risks, histories, modes of development, materials, building traditions and innovations, approaches to regulation, socio-cultural imperatives, and more.

Attendees will benefit from new insights into the most progressive forces in architecture and design in the region, and the opportunity to compare regional contexts and look at the local with fresh eyes.

The world is watching the Indo-Pacific region. A united architecture and design industry is a confident and powerful one – one that is ready to respond with wisdom, agility and innovation to the immense challenges of today.

For more information, contact Brydie Shephard at [email protected]