Croatian architectural lighting designer, Dean Skira has created a new tourist attraction out of an old shipyard by illuminating its industrial machinery with brightly coloured LEDs.

Located in the Croatian city of Pula, eight cranes at the Uljanik Shipyard were highlighted by 73 LED spotlights as part of the Visualia Festival and Lighting Giants project.

The elongated shapes and sleek angles of the steel structures were put on show during the visually spectacular installation, with their origami-like profiles dancing against the night-sky and reflecting vibrantly off the water.

A wi-fi based remote control system allowed up to 16,000 different colours to shine on the cranes every 15 minutes, while a series of blinds were used to prevent light pollution.

The cranes, which have a lifespan of over two-hundred years, still operate daily, meaning Skira had to work with the shipyard's engineers to ensure the lighting did not interfere with their regular working activities.

The installation is said to be a response to town official’s plans to relocate the shipyard, with Dean Skira hoping the Lighting Giants project will emphasise the cranes as a distinctive symbol of the city’s industrial heritage.

Courtesy Dezeen