IKEA have announced querkraft architekten’s design behind their new store in Vienna, to be filled with trees, ‘relaxed’ and without a carpark.

The store’s concept is geared towards pedestrians, cyclists and people who commute via public transport.

Whatever you can’t carry, IKEA in the Viennese inner-west suburb of Westbahnhof will have all larger items delivered directly to your home within 24 hours.

IKEA notes that it “gets where the customers are”, adding that the majority of people living in inner-city districts don’t have a car.

“The design reflects the IKEA brand – friendly, open, unconventional and relaxed. querkraft’s solution is shown in a building that also represents added value for the environment,” according to querkraft.

The roof terrace which is open to the public, the greenery on all façade surfaces, a café and a pleasantly designed outdoor area all contribute to the “good neighbour”.

The outer shell of the building reminisces a shelf; a 4.5m deep zone that lays around the building, with room expansions, terraces and greenery.

The idea is a direct response to megatrends in the modern purchasing habits conducive to mobility and environmental considerations.

The concept of the ‘city shop’ is thought to alter the future face of retail, a pattern which IKEA is responding to.