Holiday packages that deliver a truly out-of-the-world experience will soon become a reality when Voyager Station, the world’s first commercial space hotel takes off in 2027.

Conceptualised by California-based company, the Gateway Foundation in 2019 as a cruise-ship style luxury hotel in space, Voyager Station will be built by space construction company Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) to accommodate about 400 people including guests and crew members. Both companies are headed by John Blincow, a former pilot. The space hotel is OAC’s first project and is designed as an orbiting space station featuring a rotating wheel to create simulated gravity, with a series of modules attached to the wheel to accommodate various facilities.

Construction on the 50,000-square-metre Voyager Station will begin in 2026 and is designed with all earthly comforts for future space travellers including luxury villas and hotel suites featuring normal beds and bathrooms as well as restaurants, bars, cinemas and health spas. Recreational activities are planned around weightlessness and reduced gravity to provide a slice of life in space to the travellers.

While the tariff has not been announced yet, it is expected to be expensive. However, OAC is aiming to eventually bring down the cost to a cruise ship ticket or a Disneyland vacation.

Images: Orbital Assembly Corporation