Architecture firm Robot3 Studio was engaged by Yishanzhu B&B Resort to design a hut amidst the beautiful mountains of Shayukou village in the Huairou district of Beijing, China.

The mountainside location of Black House offers beautiful views of the plains extending into the horizon. With fruit trees all around, the 16-square-metre hut provides travelling visitors with a place to take a break when climbing the mountains, and also for the workers who maintain the trees.

Since the main purpose of building this hut was to provide shelter from the wind and rain, the architects sought to minimise the impact of the design on the environment.

The top of the hut is embedded into the wall and wrapped with waterproof linoleum to form the basic grey-black triangle frame. The trapezoidal plane formed by the two triangular blocks in space not only meets the purpose of the building but also reduces the required area. The entrance to the hut is directly under a hundred-year-old persimmon tree.

A square window on one side faces the southeast direction while a large triangular window on the front delivers beautiful views of the landscape. The architects were able to minimise the impact on the environment by elevating the entire structure from the ground, allowing the vegetation to regrow.

The hut was completed in 2020.