A group of Belgian design and business consultant companies have teamed up to create hive-like accommodation for campers at music festivals.

Named B-and-BEE, the honeycomb shelter comprises hexagonal weatherproof wood-and-metal compartments that can be stacked up to four ‘floors’ high, holding up to 50 campers in a 100 square metres.

Metal stairs provide access to pods higher off the ground, and each compartment has a locker, light and power supply, a zip-up canvas door, and a king-size bed that doubles as a lounge area.

The companies behind the idea include Achilles Design, business consultants One Small Step, and entrepreneurs Compaan and Labeur.

The inventors hope that the construction and deconstruction of the structures will provide local employment opportunities wherever they go.

Six B-and-BEE cells are currently being road tested at the Gentse Feesten festival in northern Belgium.

Aside from festival sites and campgrounds, the B-and-BEE concept could one day be adopted for other accommodation uses, such as emergency housing or shelters for the homeless.

Courtesy Designboom