Hassell has designed infrastructure company, Transurban’s Melbourne headquarters, creating a workplace merging business, technology, nature and community. 

Transurban builds and operates transport infrastructure, and with its core purpose driving our cities, Hassell’s idea of transgressing Transurban’s urban mark on its own headquarters is shown through “[projecting] a civic quality,” according to Hassell.

“Freestanding meeting ‘pavilions’ have curved glass walls create winding pathways that encourage visitors and employees to explore the whole floor.” 

The full-height visual displays further echo roadside billboards showcasing Transurban projects.

With circular void links across all levels connecting staff to its hub, a vaulted timber ceiling, blackened steel railings, and paving, “the hub is an engaging space for everyday use and special events.”

Greenery hangs in clusters in pots, trees nestled in the floor alongside “an authentic, tangible connection to the company’s purpose and place,” represents a distinct shift away from more traditional corporate design.

The project occupies eight levels and is located in newly erected Collins square precinct. Scott Walker, Hassell principal and design lead, says the project’s “far from being a monotonous interior, the new workplace reflects the diversity and aspirations of our cities.”

“In Transurban, traditional corporate design has disintegrated to reflect a greater connection, and understanding of, the cities, the organisation services and supports.”