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The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a 10-day international event that will be held this year from 4 March to 13 March and Hassell has once again come on board to design the central hub for the festival.

Called The Urban Dairy, the hub has been designed  to draw visitors into a large-scale dairy themed "milky wonderland" which Hassell promises will be bursting with colour and flavour. To be created on an expanded site, the design of The Urban Dairy is inspired by collective childhood memories of long summer days spent at the iconic Australian milk bar, feasting on melting ice cream and pastel coloured milkshakes.

Visitors to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival will be able to wander through theatrical-sized dairy products at The Urban Dairy with a giant ice cream, butter slab, milk carton and slice of Brie engaging children and adults alike. The hub attraction will also feature a collection of local shopping strip storefronts, including a milk bar on either side of the Southbank promenade.