An 1872-built wool store in the Victorian town of Geelong is being eyed off as the potential site for a large-scale Hassell design. If approved, the plan would see the heritage-listed building converted into a high-rise office tower.

The former Denny Lascalles Wool Store in central Geelong was originally built in stages by local architect Jacob Pitman and Ballarat architect Jonathan Coulson. Although the structure was partially demolished in 1990, the Victorian heritage listing describes it as “a fine example of a bluestone wool store built both for the storage and marketing of wool. It is notable for its distinctive bluestone façade and its innovative and early use of a slate-covered saw-tooth roof.”

Hassell has released initial designs for their commercial proposal, which seem to leave much of the original building in-tact. On the lower levels, the heritage façade of the wool store is left largely untouched. The proposal reimagines the interiors of these lower levels as a cafe and retail space that would surround the entrance to the block. On top of this would be eight levels of office space, clad in a glass-heavy façade and topped with a rooftop terrace.

The timeline for this project’s approval is at this stage unclear.