Well-known Australian broadcaster and comedian, Tim Ross, will hold the next instalment of Man About the House at one of Harry Seidler’s iconic homes in Sydney this August.

Taking place at the 1958 Kalowski House in Dover Heights, The Mid Century Project will open up the Harry Seidler-designed residence to the public. Not just for the architecturally inclined, the event will be part of a show that combines storytelling, stand-up comedy and music – the crux of all of Ross’s Man About the House performances.

“We find iconic, extraordinary and breathtaking architecturally designed houses or buildings and we turn them into temporary performance spaces,” says Ross. “[The performance] often lets people experience properties that they would never normally be able to.

“I’ve always been passionate about [mid-century modern] architecture and its preservation, so this show has enabled me to explain in a completely different way why the architecture of the second half of the 20th century should be protected.”

There will be five performances of The Mid Century Project between 3 and 6 August 2017. For more information and booking, click here