BPI Rating (BPI), the construction material data platform, has formed a partnership with global architecture firm Grimshaw to co-develop a solution to manage their material data through design and specification.

The partnership is designed to systematically integrate sustainability and responsible sourcing into the practice’s material selection.

A key objective is to assist Grimshaw’s global ambition to reach zero carbon impact, aligned with global efforts by Architects Declare and the World Green Building Councils’ call to action to reduce upfront embodied carbon.

Grimshaw recently committed to carbon neutrality in their practice by 2020, to design net zero carbon ready buildings and infrastructure by 2025 and to deliver socially and environmentally regenerative buildings by 2030.

They have recently appointed a Global Practice Leader of Sustainability to meet these goals and BPI will be part of the Australian operations plan to get there.

Grimshaw Partner Michael Janeke commented, “BPI is an industry platform solution to solve a long-standing industry challenge.

Our industry is under increasing pressure to improve our compliance and sustainability performance. This puts the burden on our team to carry out significant and time-consuming due diligence and documentation on each product.

We look forward to working with manufacturers, clients and our builder partners to share the benefits of BPI.

Product selection in design comes down to the knowledge and experience of the team. We want to bottle that, combine it with the wider industry data from BPI and share this valuable IP across the business.”

BPI aggregates and structures building product information on compliance and performance standards, sustainability, resilience and manufacturer’s CSR credentials.

By overlaying multiple industry data sources (including eco-label certifications Good Environmental Choice Australia - GECA, Global GreenTag and Declare to name a few), the new system allows architects like Grimshaw to research, compare, select products and then build technical specifications sheets and finishing schedules. It also aggregates product material data across all their projects.

The workflow tools and proprietary data from each client and project will reduce the hours of research and documentation on each building and allow Grimshaw to build their own data and Intellectual Property.

BPI’s CEO and founder Jonas Bengtsson commented, “This partnership is an important step for BPI’s ambition for a safer more sustainable built environment."

"Co-developing the functionality with key partners like Grimshaw ensures that the platform supports current process and tech."

"We can’t expect the industry to change unless we can provide tangible benefits. With Grimshaw, we have identified that we can drive significant efficiencies for their business - save them time and costs, reduce risk."

"Sustainability is important but BPI will also help them improve due diligence on the compliance, resilience and social responsibility specifications in line with specific procurement requirements." 

"The platform will standardise their data so they can continue to build their IP, accessing that data for future projects and teams.”

Sydney Managing Partner Andrew Cortese adds, “BPI is an important and valuable tool which will help us to reach our zero net carbon goals."

"Grimshaw’s commitment is to demonstrate leadership and partner with effective, innovative solutions like BPI to affect immediate impact and change in construction carbon reduction.”

BPI is also working with a number of other industry stakeholders including builders and developers to ensure collaboration, control and transparency amongst all parties from the construction life stages from planning, design specification through to facilities management and maintenance. By building transparency at each stage, BPI aims to transform the design, specification and purchasing habits of the building industry.