The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has released a Green Infrastructure Position Statement calling on non-government agencies, industry organisations and governments to make progress towards improving the liveability and sustainability of urban and regional settlements through Green Infrastructure.

Green infrastructures are the strategically planned networks of natural and semi-natural areas in urban and regional settlements that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to society.

Governments and the wider community have for centuries relied on urban natures such as parks and public spaces to improve the social and environmental conditions of our built environments notes AILA.

AILA president Shaun Walsh says that, “We require new forms of infrastructure and new approaches to landscape planning and management in our urban and regional settlements.”

“Many of our urban environmental and social problems require strategies and interventions that are multidisciplinary and collaborative; crossing jurisdictional boundaries and involving a broad range of stakeholders.”

“Green Infrastructure provides a solution to community organisations, property owners and the private to deliver benefits to society,” says Walsh.

“We believe there is a greater role that the federal government can play in providing leadership on green infrastructure through the City Deals Framework and we will continue to raise awareness and advocate for this,” he says.