Is Google+ one of the most useful social tools for architects?

It appears you think so, with 37.34% of the 940 people who responded to the A&D social media poll voting Google+ as the most useful social media platform when it comes to architecture.

Our poll was launched in late 2013 in a bid to find out which social media channel was the most useful for the building, construction, architecture and design industries. This followed on from an earlier survey which found that two-thirds of businesses in these sectors are on social media, proving that the industry could benefit from social media training and strategies.

Facebook was deemed the second most useful social tool on the A&D survey, with 27.98% of the respondents selecting it as working best for their practice or business.

LinkedIn had 18.94% of the vote; Twitter had 9.47%, while 6.28% of people voted for the 'Other' category.

Amongst the people who voted for other social media platforms, the majority (16.94%) believed that Pinterest was the best alternative. On the other hand, 6.77% said Instagram was most useful.

Most of the survey respondents were based in Australia at 73.83%, while 26.17% of voters were international.

Overall, people from 52 countries voted in the survey.

It is an interesting result to see Google+ ranking so strongly, something architecture photographer Nic Granleese commented on when we first launched the survey, although he suggested it was possibly too early to get a clear result.

But, three months on and Google+ has still come out on top.

We reported last month that Google+ had the highest value of a share, particularly in regards to retail, according to the Business Insider.

Could this be the same case for the building and architecture industry?

What are your thoughts on these results? Is Google+ really the best tool for you? Leave your comments below.

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