Beijing, China

After months of speculation, French architect Jean Nouvel has been officially declared winner of the competition to design the prestigious National Art Museum of China. When complete, NAMOC will be the showpiece building at a new cultural district in the Beijing Olympic Park and will display 20th century art and calligraphy from around the world.

Courtesy Dezeen


London, England

Ni Zhaoxing, billionaire owner of Shanghai-based real estate giant ZhongRong Holdings, has expressed his desire to create an exact replica of the 80,000 square-metre glass halls of Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace. A fire destroyed the original structure in 1936.

The Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill, 1854. Photo by Philip Henry Delamotte // Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Arch Daily


Paris, France

RSI-studio (Real, Symbolic, Imaginary) has won the category of Best Commissioned Architectural Image in the 2013 CGArchitect Architectural 3D Awards. The agency’s winning image is a realistic, photography-like diorama of an office building in Paris by Hardel Lebihan Architectes.

Image: RSI-studio

Courtesy Bustler


Shanghai, China

Architects Aedas has won a competition to design a 155m-high office tower in Shanghai as part of a 9-block district. The building, which starts with a rectangular base and slowly twists on its central axis as it rises, is said to have a Dubai-esque appearance, with some likening it to the Cayan Tower.

Images: Aedas

Courtesy Design Mena


Hong Kong

Foster + Partners has redesigned the first-class cabins for Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-300ER fleet. Premium passengers will now be treated to high-gloss finishes, soft-toned leather interiors, rich burgundy carpet and sculptural works by Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton.

Courtesy Design Boom