PwC’s Sydney Client Collaboration Floors, designed by Futurespace, won Best in Class in the Architectural Design category of the 2018 Good Design Awards.

The four Client Collaboration Floors are on the mid-levels of PwC Sydney Barangaroo Tower One and are dedicated to working with clients. This environment has become the benchmark for future client spaces in Australia, according to Futurespace.

“There has been a significant increase in client visits since the opening of our new of Client Collaboration Floors and the feedback from our clients and people has focused on being more productive in the new environment,” says PwC’s New Ways of Working Partner, Debra Eckersley. 

“The design of the client floors has changed the way we work, and how we interact with our clients in the best way possible.”

According to the Good Design Awards jury, PwC’s Sydney Client Collaboration floors are a “brilliant example of the potential of good design to impact business, executed in an elegant presence that aligns with the current brand”.

The underlying goal of the project was to create interactive spaces where PwC clients and people could come together to solve important problems, innovate and create new ideas.

 “We have succeeded in this in a number of ways,” says Futurespace design director Gavin Harris.

“We completely disrupted the boardroom mentality, creating high end and impressive diverse open and closed meeting spaces, co-creation and workshop areas, conferencing, dining and food and beverage options as well as areas for quiet work or relaxation – all integrated seamlessly with advanced technology.”