Cameras in the oven, weight sensors in the fridge and monitor screens in the backsplash are just some of the high-tech gadgets integrated into the ultra-smart FutureHAUS kitchen.  

Designed by a team of Virginia Tech architecture students, in collaboration with the Modular Building Institute, the futuristic kitchen is set to make its first exhibition during the Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show in January next year.

The fully automated, fully integrated, prefabricated module boasts an abundance of smart amenities, designed to make cooking, cleaning and shopping easier.

Features include:

  • A central “social table” that houses a horizontal 55-inch Microsoft Touch display that connects your appliances with your smartphones and tablets.
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled camera in your oven, which allows you to see your food baking in real time while you watch TV, thanks to picture-in-picture technology.
  • A hands free Kohler Sensate faucet.
  • Horizontal monitors embedded into the backsplash so you can read and research recipes while cooking.
  • Weight sensors embedded in your refrigerator shelves that tell you remotely when the milk is running low.
  • A scanner for your foods’ barcodes that monitors the contents of your pantry and makes suggestions based on nutritional goals.

The overall kitchen aesthetic is minimalist, with a white, unadorned surface and a stove concealed beneath a fully integrated glass cooktop.

The prototype being showcased in 2015 is part of the Virginia Tech team’s medium- to high-density modular FutureHAUS project, which will eventually also include a state-of-the-art living room and bedrooms.

Courtesy Architizer