2019 is now open for registrations, which means you can sign up to attend the event and, while you’re at it, block out your schedule with up to 10 topical Forum sessions with industry-leading speakers.

Running alongside 29-30 August, the two-day Forum is divided into morning and afternoon sessions tackling topics of the moment within sectors of workplace, healthcare and aged care, hospitality, and city planning and development.

The Forum is also topped and tailed with an evening debate and business breakfast session.

Where FRONT’s program of CPD presentations is geared toward technical, practical knowledge essential to architectural and design practice, the FRONT Forum is devoted to big ideas and thought leadership.

Engaging with specialists in fields as diverse as art, design, development, property management, change management, and more, FRONT Forum gets to the bottom of numerous debates – putting the hard questions to its expert panellists.


Hybrid working: no-man’s land or new frontier?     

Hybrid working clashes many different models and for the large part makes good sense. But what are the implications to change management, property management and design practice?

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Positive collisions: what makes co-working tick?

If co-working is about community, what are the ingredients necessary to making that community work? Along with International Towers’ new ‘Curated Community’ co-working space, we consider what it takes to make a recipe for success. This session is followed by a guided tour of the ‘Community’ curated space.

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Health and ageing

Zest for life: design strategies for ageing in place

From the individual, to the home, and the neighbourhood – we look at current and emerging design strategies for growing old – without feeling our age.

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Healthy patients, happy workers: Making healthcare spaces ‘work’ for everyone           

In healthcare facilities, patient demands naturally take priority – but what of the workers’? Our panel of designers, researchers and healthcare specialists nut out the imperatives for a healthy environment and happy workplace.

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Where’s the value? Cracking the consumer code

We hear from leaders in hospitality and retail on where profitability is pitched, and what customers value most when it comes to service offering. An insight-rich discussion to reframe your thinking and support your business development.

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Accommodation futures: 2020 market snapshot

How do real estate and location, operational design, environmental design and tourism trends come into play, to create a successful formula in today’s competitive accommodation sector?

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City and culture

Rewriting the Aussie dream: a case for housing affordability

While Australians are predisposed to owning their homes, a lack of affordability is channelling many into long-term rental. Is the framework there for housing affordability in the future?

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Co-creating city and country: Indigenous consultation in development and design

As Australian cities develop in leaps and bounds, we look to Indigenous Australian culture to co-create a new modern identity. To what degree is Indigenous cultural consultation part of design and development? What is the best-case scenario for an inclusive process?

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Breakfast with entrepreneurs

Blue ocean thinking: Smart moves in a tough market

When times are tough how do you stay on top of the food chain? In this session, we hear from fellow professionals on how they future-proof their businesses during a tightening economy.

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Evening debate

Curate or create: Is social media destroying creativity?

Not so long ago design presentations involved sketches and finishes samples. Now they are images of other people’s work. We put to the panel: does social media herald the death of creativity, or its very future?

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