Transforming National Gallery of Victoria into international hub for design
NGV to unveil new 5-metre tall sculpture made from recycled slag

The National Gallery of Victoria invites children and their families to explore the colourful Summer Architecture Commission structure in the NGV International back garden on Sunday 8 November. Children are also invited to participate in a free and interactive workshop on design and architecture as part of the Futures: Art, Design, Environment program.

Designed by Melbourne firm John Wardle Architects, the Summer Architecture Commission structure is filled with thousands of pink and purple blooms made of hand-folded polypropylene. As part of the free interactive workshop presented by Megara, children can create their own polypropylene animal forms and shapes. Megara is the local company that creates the 100% recycled polypropylene found in the Summer Architecture Commission.

John Wardle Architects’ Matthew van Kooy, one of the lead designers on the Summer Architecture Commission will also interact with creative teens as part of NGV’s Creative Encounters teen program series. The ‘Meet the Architect’ program will feature a tour of the structure led by Matthew, followed by an informal Q&A session.


Kids’ workshop: Design a Better Environment, 10am and 2pm, FREE, all ages

Meet the Architect, 11am to 12pm, $15, 13-17 year olds