Berlin-based studio Raumlabor is exploring the use of public space and access to free water through the construction of a ‘Fountain House’ in Montreal, Canada.

Located in the city’s CBD, the cylindrical structure is covered with plants, fungi and small organisms that create their own biological habitat.

The building is accessible via a number of overlapping timber archways that lead to a central pavilion.

Inside is a thin stream of water that falls from a hole in the ceiling and collects in a basin below.

Visitors can touch and drink the water or observe as it dispensed into the air via nozzles that create a misty cloud of vapor.

An internal staircase provides access to the building’s roof and to a viewing platform with panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

The Fountain House was designed by Raumlabor as a place of social interaction and as a celebration of our access to free water, which is often taken for granted.

Courtesy Designboom