Format Elf Architekten has wrapped an interdisciplinary office space in Töging am Inn, Germany in a metal façade featuring a perforated honeycomb motif.

Located at Campus Netzwerk on a site formerly occupied by a major aluminium production plant, the new facility accommodates office spaces for creative agencies.

The single-storey pavilion is partially clad in long aluminium panels as a reference to the area's past and has been decorated with a gradient pattern of laser cut hexagons, produced using parametric software.

The parametric design method helps reduce the time and energy needed to perform repetitive patterns on large scales.

Format Elf was also able to adjust the size of the holes in the facade to correspond to the shading created by nearby trees, ensuring that daylight was evenly distributed into the office interior.

Glazing runs the full length of the building’s southern elevation, where 400kg glass panels can be extended outwards to create a gap for natural cross ventilation while retaining the surface's flush appearance.  

Inside, a monochrome palette complements the aesthetic of the exterior, combining white surfaces with black office cubicles and glass partitions.

Courtesy Dezeen