AT Design Office has developed a concept for a man-made floating island that could house a neighbourhood offshore.

Commissioned by Chinese construction company CCCC, AT Design office designed the Floating City to be built from prefabricated hexagonal modules using the same technologies CCCC has used to build a 31-mile bridge between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuai.

It is envisioned that the modules used to construct the island would be prefabricated in a factory then floated out to the site.

According to AT Design Office, the four-square-mile metropolis would be zero-carbon and self-sustaining and could help combat the environmental effects of urbanization on the main land.

The island would include vertical farms and fish hatcheries to produce its own food, as well as trash facilities to sustainably dispose of their own waste.

Residential, commercial and recreational infrastructure would be located both above and below the water’s surface, while a system of underground tunnels would create a network of roads and walkways between buildings and islands.

The Floating City proposal is currently being reviewed by China Transport Investment Company, and there is a possibility the ambitious project could be tested on a smaller scale next year.

Courtesy Dezeen and AT Design Office