Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has completed a striking outdoor sculpture as part of the ‘Small Nomad House’ series commissioned by galerie Philippe Gravier for Paris.

Titled ‘Many Small Cubes’, the installation is composed of a steel framework clad with sheets of aluminium that form as series of interconnected boxes.

Attached to one another by only an edge or a corner, the boxes appear to hover in mid-air as they rise above the landscaped Jardin Tuileries gardens in which the sculpture is located.

Plants and trees have been potted sporadically amongst the metal cubes, highlighting Fujimoto’s vision of unity and integration between nature and architecture.

The temporary structure is meant to serve as a nomadic house and features a small living area void in the centre that can be accessed by entrances located on either end of the sculpture.   

At night the installation also serves as a canvas for a light show designed by French artist Patrick Rimoux.

Many Small Cubes is Fujimoto’s first Paris project but features similar elements to his cloud-like pavilion design for the 2013 Serpentine Gallery in London.

Image: Marc Domage via Architizer

Image: Dezeen

Image: Dezeen

Courtesy Architizer