A new lake-side activity centre for the shores of Lake Burley Griffin has been imagined by AMC Architecture and proposed as a way to re-energise Canberra’s West Basin.

The proposal, which was crafted by members of AMC Architecture with help from WSP engineers, was the recent winner of the inaugural Chief Minister’s Challenge, an ‘ideas competition’ which received designs from 11 teams that created new visions for the area.

‘Charlie-Tango-Lima’, was the name of the winning team, and their design 'The Australian Centre to Inspire Vitality, Activity, Teamwork and Exercise' or 'ACTivate' includes an extensive floating pontoon and hub for health and activity on Lake Burley Griffin.  The concept renders show a BMX, ropes and obstacle course as well as indoor climbing wall and outdoor concert facilities.

Although the concept has not been promised to be developed, Hannah-Jean Cole of AMC Architecture and captain of the winning team said the competition was nevertheless a great opportunity, and that she endeavours to make her design concept a reality.

“It was an excellent opportunity for our team of young architects, designers and engineers to develop a unique vision for Canberra’s West Basin,” she said.

“Now we hope our concept to ‘ACTivate’ the city and the lake by creating a dynamic and vibrant activity destination in the West Basin will become a reality.”

The Australian Centre to Inspire Vitality, Activity, Teamwork and Exercise or ACTivate shows a reenergised Lake Burley Griffin's West Basin

The award was presented by ACT Chief Minister,  Katy Gallagher, and was part of ‘Future Sessions’, a series of development, speaker and consultation sessions  for young professionals to develop their own skills and benefit Canberra.

Gallagher said the Chief Minister’s Challenge is a great way for younger people to engage with the government on topics that ultimately involve everyone.

“This Challenge has shown what happens when you combine ability and innovation with passion for our city - Canberra inspires. I congratulate Charlie-Tango-Lima on ACTivate and all entrants to the Chief Minister’s Challenge,” she said.

“Many of the decisions governments take today relate to their future and so it is critical young people are engaged. This is why we are working hard to give unheard voices, untested theories and unshared ideas opportunity through a range of innovation projects and collaborations, just like the Chief Minister’s Challenge.”

ACTivate could include BMX tracks across Lake Burley Griffin.

The Chief Minister’s Challenge was organised by a group of volunteers called FutureNet and industry body Consult Australia, with the help of city-branding campaign CBR Brand Canberra, the Land Development Agency and Design Canberra festival.

The winning team: Team ‘Charlie-Tango-Lima’

  • Hannah-Jean Cole [AMC Architecture]
  • Tien Le [AMC Architecture]
  • Anthony Linard [WSP]
  • Ewen Lee [WSP]
  • Iain Moore [AMC Architecture]

Images: Supplied.