Australian architecture collective Modscape has revealed a thrilling design concept for a modular home that anchors to the side of a cliff.

The aptly named ‘Cliff House’ was proposed in response to a client’s request for design options for a holiday home on an extreme coastal plot they owned in Victoria.

Modscape envisioned the house as an extension of the natural topography, building it onto the side of the cliff rather than on top of it.

The unique positioning opens up absolute views of the ocean, while alleviating construction problems associated with building on uneven rock.

Combining modular design with prefabrication technologies, the architects developed a five-storey vertical floorplan, with rooms stacked atop each other and bolted to the rock using engineered steel pins and support beams.

Residents enter the home through a carport on the cliff’s edge and a lift or staircase connects them to each of the living floors below.

Inside, the interior is kept minimal with the focus devoted to the large panoramic windows and breathtaking view.

At the lowest floor, the home opens up to an outdoor patio, which seems to float above the water and features a barbeque and jacuzzi.

Courtesy Inhabitat & Modscape