Koen Olthuis and Dutch Docklands have announced they will build a five-star floating hotel in the shape of a six-pointed ice crystal off the coast of Norway.

Named the Krystall, the hotel will be built in dry dock and then positioned in the icy waters of the Artic Circle, accessible only by boat.

Designed to be self-supporting and self-sustainable, the snowflake-shaped structure will span 120 metres in diameter and include 86 guest rooms, conference rooms and spa and wellness facilities.

A glass roof also will also make the hotel a prime position to view the natural beauty of the Northern Lights.

According to Olthuis, the Krystall has been inspired by the floating architecture widely found in his low-lying Dutch homeland, but will be on a far grander, and more opulent scale.

Aimed at attracting wealthy visitors from Japan, Russia and Europe, the hotel will be adorned in luxurious, winter themed d├ęcor including transparent ‘ice-block’ bricks and roaring fireplaces.

The Krystall is set to open in December 2016.

Courtesy Inhabitat and CNN