Inspired by the traditional Dutch ‘schapenboet’ sheds found throughout the Texel Island landscape, Benthem Crouwel Architects have designed a holiday home comprising of a wooden frame wrapped in colourful fishing nets.

The home’s exterior has been sprayed with a rubber coating and covered in the nets, which are arranged in size and colours according to the internal living spaces.

Two layers make up the mesh-like envelope; the first in red, green, or blue, and the second a sheet of black netting placed over the top. 

The building’s structure reflects that of local ‘schapenboet’ farming sheds, which are characterised by their gable-roof form and southwest facing beveled top section.

The main door of the shed is often located on the straight, northeast side of the layout to shelter it from the wind.

Benthem Crouwel has installed large windows across the entire south façade of the holiday house to provide the occupant’s with a panorama of the surrounding fields, while upper level fenestration offers views of the sea in the distance.

Courtesy Designboom