Hyperloop One have revealed images of what is set to become the first operational Hyperloop system in the world.

Located in the Nevada desert, a 500-metre test track of the passenger and freight transportation system that propels a pod-like vehicle through a near-vacuum tube at speeds faster than aeroplanes, is depicted.

Hyperloop One is one of many companies around the world aiming to make Tesla founder Elon Musk’s vision a reality. In the future, Australia could see the Hyperloop used, with a proposal for a high-speed rail between Sydney and Melbourne – which would allow passengers to travel between the two cities in one hour.

In its final form, the track in Nevada, which is named Devloop, will reach over three kilometres in length between launching and receiving points.

Hyperloop One also have a system proposed connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and two others in the works for Finland and Russia.

The Devloop is expected to be ready for its first trial by mid-year.  

image_03-1.jpgimage_04-1.jpgImages: Hyperloop One