According to a recent story in Designboom, US architect Doug Burdge, together with Californian builder Nate Garnero have developed fire-resistant temporary housing using old shipping containers

Named ‘Buhaus’ – from ‘Malibu’ and ‘Bauhaus’, the designers used fire-resistant materials and have also incorporated off-grid capabilities, walls, flooring, and hardware that were designed for what they called are, “budget-conscious and luxurious possibilities.”

Measuring just under 15sqm, the Buhaus has been designed to be comfortable, customisable and compact, and includes a bedroom and bathroom space, a shaded wood deck, an outdoor shower, as well as under-counter storage and a refrigerator.

Most of all, the Buhaus is designed to protect occupants from bushfires, and say the designers, its price will start at about AU$143,000 and can be fitted with an extra option to use with off-grid alternative energy, according to the Designboom story.

Image: The Latch