Finnish practice, Sigge Architect, and real estate and construction company, Admares, are building floating hotels on Qetaifan Island North to supply 140 new properties for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.   

“The hotels have a unique design; 72 metres long and 16 metres wide, each consisting of 101 guest rooms, a restaurant and a lounge bar,” says Sigge Architect.

The prime real estate will also boast a further five-star facility including a spa, nightclub and rooftop pool.

The hotels can be moved after the World Cup, to anywhere with a body of water that is at least approximately four metres deep.

As the properties will prove reusable after the games, their use can be for temporary accommodations.  

“A floating hotel is a viable option for areas where land is scarce, fully developed or challenging to develop,” says Admares.

The regulations between countries are different says Jani Vahala, partner at Sigge Architect.

“We had to take care of all the regulations so they can be placed in all different locations.”

The interiors of the hotels are minimalist, with an eclectic of warm woods contrasting white walls. 

The exterior follows a similar suit thematically, but comprises layered stories, each differentiating minutely from one another. 

Vahala explains that local traditions further influenced and inspired element wraps, whilst materials were chosen on their resilience and compatibility with the maritime environment.