The Festival of Urbanism 2021 (13 - 24 September 2021) will explore 'endangered' urbanism through a series of free, online panel discussions, films and podcasts that will focus on the existential threats facing urban environments from the global pandemic to social division, economic turmoil, and deepening climate risk.

The annual Festival of Urbanism returns for its eighth year to debate the threats and opportunities facing our cities through a series of conversations by industry leaders and leading researchers, practitioners and community advocates, including from the US and Canada.

Across two weeks from 13 – 24 September the Festival program of online panels, talks, films, and podcasts will offer a range of perspectives on ‘endangered’ urban environments and how cities might transition from these crises.

The Festival, presented by the University of Sydney’s Henry Halloran Trust in partnership with Monash University, includes events hosted in Sydney and Melbourne.

"The 2021 Festival of Urbanism is a public forum to discuss, share, and learn about current urban challenges and future solutions that affect us all,” says Professor Carl Grodach, Director, Urban Planning and Design at Monash University. 

“We've teamed up with the University of Sydney to sponsor the Festival around the theme of ‘Endangered Urbanism’ because it reflects the deep need to develop inclusive and creative solutions to myriad interconnected issues that include but go beyond Covid-19. How will our cities and towns - and our practitioners - adapt to the profound challenges we face in the coming decades?"

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