Fender Katsalidis has taken a step towards gender equality in the workplace by introducing a parental leave policy that treats men and women equally. 

Eight weeks of full wage will be paid parental leave given to both men and women without distinguishing between primary and secondary caregivers.

All team members are encapsulated within the new policy, including those working part-time and on a casual basis, in addition to government entitlements. 

A superannuation top up to the full annual level in the first year is also a part of the policy for full-time and part-time staff. 

Fender Katsalidis director, Nicky Drobis says, “We are proud to make this announcement and show our genuine commitment to giving equal opportunities to both women and men.”

“Through our new policy, we are addressing the gender imbalance as well as the gender pay gap in terms of both regular salary and superannuation.” 

With over 38 percent of the practice’s staff being parents the policy forms a bigger plan for Fender Katsalidis, according to a statement. 

“It is one piece amongst our long-term plans to address inequality that will enable women and working mums to succeed and become a bigger part of our practice at a senior level.” 

“The industry-leading move” will be a notable approach in the private sector to “lead the charge in introducing a superior and more contemporary approach to supportive parental leave.” 

Image: Nicky Drobis and family / Supplied