The Federal Budget will boost confidence in the building and construction sector, protect the viability of thousands of building and construction businesses and save the jobs of the more than one million people that they employ, according to Master Builders Australia.

“Making building and construction the keystone of Covid recovery is the right call by the Government,” says Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia.

“The Budget will support the industry as the accelerator of economic recovery. It is going to support the country to build its way out of recession,” she says.

“Productivity enhancing infrastructure, including local community infrastructure    wage subsidies and massive tax incentives for builders and tradies to invest means the Government is putting in place the right foundation for recovery.”

“Hundreds of thousands of small building and construction businesses will now have hope that they can stay afloat,” she says.

“The extension of the First Home Loan Deposit scheme and the $1 billion for the construction of new affordable housing will extend the opportunity to own a home to thousands more people for whom it seemed out of reach.”

“It will unlock even more investment and further activate residential building as the engine of economic growth and employment,” says Wawn.

Image: DesignBuild