Architect Corbett Lyon’s extension to the Lyon Housemuseum is now complete and open to the Melbourne public.

The extension includes new galleries adjacent to the original museum, which can be used for local and international events, exhibitions and installations.

The new galleries will continue to explore and experiment with traditional concepts of art and architecture and invite conversation in contemporary art, architecture and design, according to Lyon.

The extension’s exterior, clad in bluestone sourced from a quarry in WA, was designed to play off the corbeled brickwork of the original Housemuseum fence. Inside there is a central space surrounded by four other connected exhibition spaces.

The ground-floor slab itself is an artwork; artist Reko Rennie painted Visible Invisible on the slab before construction began in 2017.

According to Lyon, the gallery’s first exhibition, ENTER, hosts a range of works that “contest the neutral white box”.


Photography by John Gollings and Dianna Snape.