The 2013 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEAS) were launched in Sydney last week at the Powerhouse Museum along with an interactive exhibit of last years' award winning entries.

Among the exhibition is the work at 1 Bligh St Sydney by Arup (pictured right) as well as Halo, a wind activated kinetic sculpture by Partridge at the One Central Park development.

Powerhouse Museum Director, Dr Dawn Casey launched the award program and exhibition in front of 160 representatives of the many and diverse fields of engineering.

Dr Casey acknowledged the contribution engineers make to society and highlighted the interesting career paths that existed for them.

"This exhibition [showcasing the 2012 EEAS winners] is a great sample of the way in which we can communicate our message about the invaluable nature of the engineers' role to a wider public," said Dr Casey.
Professor Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer applauded the Engineers Australia, Sydney Division's Engineering Excellence Award program for promoting the profession, whilst getting more of the community interested in the work of engineers.

"Australia needs more engineers, and even though we've had success, the universities tell me we need more applications. The awards are very good at helping get kids interested in doing engineering.

"The awards are also very important in helping the public understand the incredible, pivotal importance of engineers and engineering, in making our society work and our economy stronger. It helps flush out those really great stories that we can share with the community," said Professor O'Kane.

Now in its 18th year of partnership with Engineers Australia, the Powerhouse Museum's exhibition of the 2012 Engineering Excellence Award winning projects also include a scale model of the QANTAS Blast Fence Project by Woolacotts Consulting Engineers.

Woolacotts were contracted to provide a unique, highly specialised design for a brand new blast reflector fence at the Mascot Jetbase, the home of the new Airbus A380.

Scott Clemmett, Structural Engineer, Woolacotts said winning the award and being part of the exhibition was a terrific boost for the company's reputation and structural engineering in general.

"Winning this award brought about an increase of enthusiasm for everyone on the team. It was great to see our project receive wider recognition, but also for the profession of structural engineering to be recognised throughout the industry and the wider community in this way.

"The other great thing is that we know this award will help us attract the best young minds in the business," said Clemmett.

Other winning projects on display at the exhibition include:, the Microrapid Integrated Rapid Blood Test Device by Atomo Diagnostics and Ide Group, Enstruct Group and Cundall and the Bridge Deck Structural Health Monitoring System by the NSW Roads & Maritime Services and National ICT Australia.

Entries are now open for the Engineering Excellence Awards Sydney 2013. All winning entries from this year will have the chance to be featured in the 2014 Engineering Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

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