A maze of sloping formations with angular surfaces replace chairs and tables in this experimental office by RAAAF, encouraging workers to lean, perch or even lie down rather than sit.

Designed in response to research that highlighted the health risks of prolonged sitting, RAAAF’s ‘The End of Sitting’ office is both an art installation and an experiment.

Currently set up at an art space in Amsterdam, the unique office is being used by a rotating group of writers, artists and philosophers, whose movements within the space are being studied by researchers from the University of Groningen.

The workers are able to interact with and try a range of supported standing and leaning positions against the large, faceted three-dimensional shapes, which vary from waist-height up to shoulder-height.

The environment also incites people to roam around and be active, and is intended to boost productivity.   

According to Ronald Rietveld, a partner at RAAAF, most of the participants have reported a small increase in well-being and reduced physical fatigue.

Official findings of the study will be published in a report next year.

Courtesy Wired