A bed, bathroom, stairs and storage space have all been packed into an inhabitable micro dwelling housed inside a room at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam.

Named ‘Edmund’, the unit makes up one of nine new “Special Rooms” created for the quirky hotel by commissioned architects and designers.

Jos Blom and Jasper Eustace clustered all the usual hotel necessities into the tiny Edmund pod, leaving the rest of the hotel suite uncluttered and open.

The abstract volume is encased in timber and rubber and takes the form of a jagged mountain, with a striped pattern painted on its walls.

On the ground level of the unit are a bed, toilet, mirror and waterfall-like shower.

A set of narrow stairs leads up to the mountain’s pinnacle, where a full-sized bath and succulent garden are located.

Vibrant magenta rugs, abstract murals and large tropical plants adorn the additional hotel room space, contributing to the overall setting.

The tiny Edmund room is designed to accommodate two persons and, according to the Volkshotel, is targeted towards “intrepid travellers.”

Courtesy Gizmodo